LynX Inspection is developing a revolutionary digital vision solution for parts manufacturers. This solution is not only very fast and easy to use, but also affordable, easy to automate and ready for Industry 4.0. Our solution is based on a proprietary method (patent pending) that we call Predictive 3D Radiography. This new method combines digital radiographic imaging with digital vision and 3D simulation. It makes full use of our knowledge of X-ray physics as well as other information we know about the object we are inspecting. We also explore the test environment to complete the data that comes from the hundreds of sequential images captured in seconds. Defects are detected and analyzed by comparing the features identified in the X-ray images with the expected results from the corresponding simulated image sequence.

The solution provides 3D inspection results that are equivalent to Computed Tomography (CT) but in a process that is about 20X faster and with an equipment cost that is typically half the price. For large part quantities, labour costs can be more than 10X cheaper than what they would be for a traditional X-ray inspection process.

Our inspection solution is very flexible. For now, we are focusing our efforts on high precision parts less than 40 cm wide, but future versions of the solution will be able to support the inspection of much larger parts, such as helicopter blades or transmission shafts. We also plan to develop inline solutions, which will allow real-time 3D radiographic inspection of parts at a rate of more than 100 items per minute. All of these solutions fill a real need in the industry and allow manufacturers to perform a full 3D inspection of internal and external structures at a higher speed and a lower cost than any other product on the market.