Since its invention in 1895, radiography has evolved immensely and has found multiple uses in non-destructive testing. Even after 125 years, LynX Inspection brings a new solution to the table: predictive 3D radiography.

LynX Inspection has developed an innovative and ultra-fast X-ray approach to visualizing inspections with 3D imaging. The proprietary method (patent pending) of the “eXamine” series allows parts to be inspected by acquiring a sequence of X-ray images, which then allows to position defects or points of interest in a three-dimensional model. Our “Predictive 3D Radiography” technology is somewhere between 2D radiography and 3D tomography. That is, our results are more interesting than 2D radiography and compete with 3D tomography. Lynx Inspection’s ingenuity does not stop there; we also offer other unique features:

X-ray Simulator

Allows you to visualize the inspectability of a part and to establish the X-ray configuration earlier in the inspection process, without affecting productivity

Automatic image alignment

Allows you to acquire, in a single image, an entire part whose dimension is larger than the X-ray detector.

Multiple viewing angle

Allows you to create a mosaic of images with different viewing angles.

Impressive speed:

20 times faster than tomography.


Resolution between 25µ and 100µ

With our innovative solution, 100% of parts can now be inspected. Its unique linear scanning configuration allows the integration of this technology in a factory producing parts continuously.

Radiography is an imaging technique that uses X-rays, which also means radiation. Fortunately, predictive radiography technology is offered in a cabinet that is completely sealed against X-ray radiation, thus complying with Safety Code 34 standards.